i want you to break.


you look at me in shock

as horror and betrayal

colour your expression

tears run down your face

and you shake your head

tremble in denial

as fury builds

your voice rises


yes, good –


yell, scream

let sobs rip out of your chest

paint your words with anguish

show me what i’ve destroyed

hold up your broken pieces

cry over the irreparable

take a moment to look pitiful

then use the jagged edges

of the biggest shards

to try and hurt me back

try and make me bleed

just as badly


you can’t hurt me, baby


shooting a gun into the wind

won’t stop a hurricane

the damage has been done

i’m watching this natural disaster

on the news in another country

i send my condolences

but i’m already gone –

i’ve been gone for months

didn’t you notice

the stranger in your bed?

or was living with a ghost

just the same to you?


Day 15: Break


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